My Story

I landed in South Africa for the first time in 1993, when I was 21 years old.


At that time I was living and working in Italy as a windsurfing instructor in the places where I was born, between lakes and mountains in Trentino, I loved to travel and discover different cultures. That year I was planning for a long vacation in Jamaica, when strange coincidences in life led me to change destination, so instead of going to Jamaica alone, I left with two friends, who was going to spend two months in south africa, in Cape Town for windsurfing.
I didn’t speak English, I hadn’t planned anything, but in a short time I met places, people and a new culture that I fell in love with and I said to myself: this land will give me great opportunities.
I returned to Italy with the aim of moving. In a couple of years I solved some issues, I did my military service and finally my adventure began. In January 1996 I returned to Cape Town to stay there, with my little knowledge of English and no certainty, but with that healthy madness, which serves to change life and make incredible dreams come true.
I was immediately fascinated by the beauty of Sunset Beach, its colors, its waves and extraordinary conditions for windsurfing enthusiasts like me. I found and purchased the land on which I built the first house of Sunset Residence. In those days it was a residential area with nothing around, no interests, no services for tourists, but in my vision Sunset Residence could become a paradise for travellers who like to discover, for windsurfer and for people who can’t stand the confusion of the city.

I risked. The first years were difficult, I had no experience in managing an accommodation facility, I lived in a completely different country from Italy, he also made some mistakes but in this way I learned a lot. The turning point came in June 2010 with the soccer World Cup, which attracted many people here. Then I learned to use online brokerage agencies, the number of requests has increased more and more.
I invested time and resources, I believed in it and time has proved me right. Every year I welcome hundreds of people who fall in love with these places in South Africa, Italian friends and guests and travellers from different parts of the world.
Here I met my partner and started a family. Over time I have expanded my structure, which today consists of two houses with two swimming pools, barbecue and 8 apartments. Over time, bars and restaurants and infrastructures have sprung up around the residence.
Anyone who wants to come and visit me will see an international context, an incredible place between sea and mountains. I will be happy to guide you on your journey and share with you stories, tips and secrets to better experience CapeTown and the Western Cape.